#Check20 was Cancelled.


The organizers of Check20 poured their heart and soul into making the year’s event a possibility. But ultimately, we were forced to announce the cancellation of Check20. Despite the cancellation, the CIO Crew had a hard time accepting fate.  We could not sit idle and let 2020 win, could we?  After bringing the year to a close, we are proud of what we accomplished together with you.

Thanks to Roads United, MPC and Burdi Clothing for being great hosts, and the crews at Checkeditout, Autoarts, Lowend Garage Chicago for all your hard work.  Thanks also to our additional Field Trip sponsors: Sputnik Coffee and Westmont Porsche.  Special thanks to Ryan Duggan and Ben Marcus for their artistic contributions, as well as the many photographers that supported us this year.  Most importantly, thanks to everyone who participated and helped make the most of a difficult year. The team has begun the planning process for a spectacular event in 2021 so look for upcoming announcements.


In the meantime, we hope to see you on the road.


The Checkeditout Team

What #Check20 became.


Book Release – The Checkeditout Book is a visual record of our 2019 event. What makes the publication unique is our collaboration with Autoarts to create three exclusive ownership stories, documented by three talented photographers. On Saturday May 30th, those who met up with the Checkeditout Crew in Wauconda, Illinois got their copies of the book hand delivered. It was great to see everyone there, and the day was summed up so eloquently by Future Classic’s blog post. Give it a read here.

The Checkeditout Field Trip – Next, with the help of Eliot Dam and Roads United in the form of a generous offer to use his family’s land in the Northwest suburbs, we were able to bring you “The Checkeditout Field Trip” on the originally planned event date.  On 9/12 the group converged at the new Midwest Performance Cars location to preview the new spot, then a short drive out to the suburbs to gather and socialize on the beautiful Dam property.  It was a rainy day to start, but the group persevered to make the most of the day and get some spectacular photos.  Future Classic, again, summarized the day in their blog post here.

Toy Drive, Drive – Finally, our mission is to give back and support our local community.  With all the economic hardships that have taken place this year, it made perfect sense for Checkeditout and our partners to help the worthy cause that is Toys for Tots.  With Midwest Performance Cars (MPC) moving into their new location, they were an obvious choice as an end destination for the concept that would become the “Toy Drive, Drive.”  Rino Burdi, Porsche enthusiast and owner of Burdi Clothing made Burdi Clothing Hinsdale the perfect meet-up location.  Between both venues ‘The Toy Drive, Drive’ easily brought in 2000 toys for the deserving children of Chicagoland.