#Check20 is Cancelled.


Checkeditout exists to honor the memory of our friend Karsten Aufgebauer by creating an environment for the Pcar community where we can share our passion for cars and unique stories in an urban setting. One of Checkeditout’s prime tenets involves welcoming, inclusion and the streets of Chicago. Due to the National Health Emergency, state and local regulations (street permits) have made it impossible to conduct our event in a legal manner without losing our event’s identity.  Checkeditout’s philosophy remains paramount and will not be diminished. The organizers of Check20 poured their heart and soul into making this year’s event a possibility. But ultimately, and with a heavy heart, we are forced to announce the cancellation of Check20. We want to thank everyone who supported us throughout the year. We may not be able to bring everyone together physically, but we are currently exploring other opportunities to keep you, our community, engaged and entertained in the coming months. And we promise Checkeditout Chicago will be back in 2021 in its full glory to support the Porsche community while raising money for a worthy cause.

We would also like to thank those entities that were insistent on making Check20 a reality during the struggles of the last 6 months: RecessAutoartsMidwest Performance CarsWestmont Porsche and Lowend Garage Chicago.

Driving may be all we have right now. We hope to see you on the road.


The Checkeditout Team