The Story

Checkeditout: The Chicago Porsche Convergence is an opportunity to gather in the heart of the city. It’s the appreciation and celebration of  the Porsche’s unique 70+ year legacy, represented in each owner’s pride and joy. It’s a sharing of great stories, road trips, restorations,  and racing – a moment collective that continues to uniquely define the culture.
In 2017 Chicago Porsche enthusiasts- had an idea to create an urban-minded gathering to celebrate all Porsche models. What was born from an Instagram comment Karsten made,  would become the  Chicago summer street fest meets Porsche happening that Adam envisioned.
In early 2018, Karsten passed away from cancer while our vision was still merely an idea. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Karsten was a Porsche owner known for his aquamarine blue Porsche 911 SC-RS, aka the Chicago Outlaw.  His classic Porsche also earned IG fame @Checkeditout, aptly named for his love of “checking out” cars. The handle was an ongoing joke between Karsten and his wife Claudia, who even had their own way of pronouncing it: “check-ED-it out.”  It was only fitting that the event inspired by the man, be named after him.

The Event

It is important to the people who create Checkeditout that we honor the individual our event is named after. The Chicago Convergence is where art, food and community meet the Porsche marque in an urban setting. Check out the cars, just like our friend Karsten always loved to do.

The organizers of Check20 poured their heart and soul into making this year’s event a possibility. But ultimately, and with a heavy heart, we are forced to announce the cancellation of Check20. We want to thank everyone who supported us throughout the year. We may not be able to bring everyone together physically, but we are currently exploring other opportunities to keep you, our community, engaged and entertained in the coming months.

Our Charitable Mission

Checkeditout Chicago is not just the ultimate happening in Chicago for a Porsche enthusiast, but also an opportunity to give back. Checkeditout Chicago is a non-profit that selects a charity each season to benefit the underprivileged communities of our great city of Chicago.


What does Checkeditout mean to us?

The short answer is everything.

Checkeditout started with a mention on a social media platform by the very
man who chose to spend part of his free time with Porsches and great friends:
@checkeditout, Karsten Aufgebauer. The idea grew through the 2017 driving season,
when it was decided that the event to be known as Checkeditout had to become
a reality. And indeed Checkeditout was born. Those who were in attendance
the first year understood as well as felt the vibe. Checkeditout is a celebration
of both a marque and a city. It is our attempt to bring together everything
we love. Porsche first (or second after their owners) followed by the
City of Chicago along with art, music and food. We are humbled
by every single presence at Checkeditout.